St George Food Distributors Fruit

Whether you realise it or not, your local area is bursting with fresh produce. Every season brings a new raft of flavours and ingredients, which means the possibilities are endless.

Why Fresh Fruit Is So Important For Your Business

Customers don’t just expect fresh fruit; they are happy to pay a premium for it. While many restaurants rely on frozen and packaged items to complete their menu, more customers are looking to eat local, fresh food. It gives you an edge in advertising and allows you to experiment with local ingredients regularly. You can use magic marketing words like seasonal, fresh, local and organic. It puts a picture in a customer’s mind about what they can expect from your menu. And it isn’t as difficult as you think, with reliable fruit and vegetable wholesalers operating locally. If you’re looking for wholesale food suppliers, start with food suppliers in Sydney.

Using seasonal fresh fruit is better for your health. It arrives locally, which means it hasn’t lost its nutritional value on its plane trip around the world. It is eaten closer to the time it was harvested, which means it doesn’t lose flavour or vitamins as its quality declines. And seasonal fruits give your body more of what you need.

Fresh, local fruit is delicious – it’s perfectly ripe, sweeter, and fresher, which is only going to enhance the meals you prepare. Additionally, it reduces your carbon footprint. With local fruit and veg wholesale suppliers who get their produce locally, it has less distance to travel which means fewer emissions.

While smaller businesses may be comfortable shopping at the farmers’ markets each morning, relying on local fruit and vegetable suppliers will ensure you get the quantity you need when you need it. From salads and sides to luscious desserts, fresh fruit is the way forward.

Fruits We Can Provide

Winter, spring, summer or fall, we have a wide variety of fruits on offer. You can find the full list of our fruits on our website.

Our autumn offerings include different varieties of apples, mangosteens, bananas, papaw, oranges, dragon fruit, finger limes, and more.

Shop a winter fruit offering that includes dates, custard apples, lemons, quince, rhubarb, nashi, and more.

In spring, we have a variety of apples, oranges, and berries to offer as well as passionfruit, persimmon, pineapples, and pomelos.

Summer ushers in cherries and grapes, lychees and mangoes, melons, pears and so much more.

You need a food products supplier that can provide you with the freshest possible produce. And if your current fruit and vegetable suppliers aren’t doing the job, you need St George Food Distributors. You might not be able to get every menu ingredient locally, but by sourcing as much locally as possible you can boost your bottom line. It pays to use local wholesale food distributors in Sydney.

Industries We Serve

Whether you run a chain of restaurants, a small cafe, food trucks, an aged care home or a school, we are reliable food service distributors in Australia. We can serve as your food wholesalers in Sydney.

How St George Food Distributors Can Help

STGFD is a family-owned and operated wholesale fruit and veg distribution company that serves a variety of industries. With over two decades in the business, we know what it takes to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Our product is picked fresh daily from seasonal fruit markets like the St George fruit market. We work with local farmers to ensure our customers receive only the highest quality produce.

We source the freshest fruit and deliver it to Sydney and the surrounding regions. In addition to being your local fruit and veg wholesale supplier, we can also provide you dairy, chilled goods, dry foods and serve as your frozen chips supplier in Sydney.